Usually getting the art drawn is the slowest part of making a new page.  This time I had the art done ages ago, and just took forever to get around to putting it together and adding the word balloons.

The election is still depressing as hell.  Even though I still expect Trump to lose, it’s disturbing how many people have been taken in by his bullshit, and the lengths they’ll go to to make excuses for him rather than just admit he’s a sleazebucket.  Hillary pretends to represent progress when she is still living in the 20th century, but as much as she pisses me off, I still get stuck defending her sometimes because of the absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theories and calls to lock her up or worse.  The stuff with the email was irresponsible, but it’s not treason.  Really.  Some people need to calm the fuck down.  Jill Stein needs to take a break from spray painting bulldozers and get some actually useful experience.  And the Libertarian Party, in its infinite wisdom, put their ticket the wrong way up.  It’s pretty obvious that regardless of who is on the top of the Johnson/Weld ticket, Weld is wearing the trousers in their personal relationship, and Weld is the one who has a working brain.  But it’s the Libertarian Party and he once supported a gun control law… This will never do!  Johnson’s extreme sports and his ignorance about foreign countries sometimes make me question whether he is actually running for president or campaigning for a Darwin Award.  It’s tempting to vote for Vermin Supreme.  He doesn’t have any useful experience, but unlike Jill Stein, I don’t think he expects to be taken seriously without experience.  He’s not power-hungry like the other candidates.  He cares more about dental hygiene than he does about winning, and it wouldn’t hurt to improve dental hygiene.

On another note, I am now a moderator of an online forum where I waste a lot of my time.  I’m still not entirely sure why they thought it was a good idea to make me a mod, but it’s been an interesting experience.