Hi.  As you can see, there’s a new page up, but I also want to take a moment to say a few things about the election.

First of all: Donald Trump.  I’ve seen a lot of people draw parallels between Trump and Hitler, and there really is a disturbing resemblance.  His aggressive style of rhetoric, his xenophobia, and the lack of any coherent policy are all reminiscent of Hitler.  The violence at his rallies is not so different from what took place at Nazi rallies in the 1920s.

And like any good Nazi, Trump has found a Jewish socialist to blame for the violence instead of accepting responsibility for his own role in stirring the pot.

If there are any Trump supporters reading this, please, turn your brains on.  It’s that switch over there on the side.  No, further down.  Found it?  Got your brains on?  Good.  Now, listen.  He’s not a brilliant businessman; he’s gone bankrupt multiple times.  He’s not telling it like it is; he contradicts himself and lies all the time.

The good news for the rest of us is that Trump is almost certainly going to lose the election.  One of the best ways to stop authoritarianism, or at least limit its effectiveness, is to simply educate people about it.  Once people understand what’s going on and how they are being manipulated, it’s harder to manipulate them.  The fact that people are calling out Trump, pointing out the parallels with Hitler, and talking about the danger he poses will make it harder for him to win people over.  Even within the Republican Party, people are realizing that he needs to be stopped.  I don’t like the Republicans, but I have gained some respect for the ones who are speaking up against Trump.  They have proven themselves to be decent human beings with moral standards.

Of course, there were Nazis who spoke up against Hitler, and they were the first people he killed.  But I don’t see this Trump business playing out the same way.

In the last free and fair election before the Nazis took power and started rigging them, Hitler got something like 43% of the vote.  He had the benefit of living in a time when the psychology of authoritarianism was much less understood, and few people recognized the danger that he posed.  Trump doesn’t have those advantages.  Trump also doesn’t have the advantage of living in a multi-party parliamentary democracy where 43% of the vote will put him in a position of power because the other 57% split between several parties.

A lot of people have the misconception that Hitler was elected by a majority and that his style of xenophobic demagoguery actually won out over civilized ideologies in an open marketplace of ideas.  That’s not what happened at all, and there’s no reason to think it would happen in the US.

My biggest concern about Trump and his supporters is that they won’t settle down after they lose, and they’ll continue spreading violence even if they don’t control the White House.

Anyway, Trump’s chances of beating Hillary or Bernie are low.  If you want to estimate the odds of him winning, you should probably look at the odds of Hillary getting indicted for something or other, or Bernie dropping dead of old age.

And that’s why I am so frustrated with Democrats that are worrying about who is more electable instead of who they actually would prefer to see in the White House.  The Republican Party is imploding, so this is a wonderful opportunity to run whoever we want and get away with it.  Trump is not electable, and putting anyone else on the ticket instead of Trump will basically tear apart the party.

So please, if you are a Democrat, and your state hasn’t had their primaries yet, vote your conscience.  Don’t vote out of fear.  Don’t let Trump scare you into settling for a candidate you don’t actually like.  Don’t play these stupid games of trying to guess what other people want.  Let other people worry about what other people want.

I voted for Bernie.  If you honestly believe Hillary would be a better president, that’s your business.  I’m not going to tell you not to vote for a candidate that you genuinely like.  What bugs me are the people that are just letting the media tell them who’s electable and who’s not, what’s possible and what’s not, and not thinking for themselves.  Make up your own mind.  We went through all this electability business in 2004, and it didn’t do any good.

The other thing that bugs me are the people who want to turn the whole Democratic primary into the battle of the sexes.  It’s not about that.  If you’re a woman who supports Hillary, good for you.  You don’t have to watch the future you want slipping further and further out of reach every time more states vote.  But don’t pretend you speak for all women or that every criticism of her is misogyny.

And finally, to any other Sanders supporters who read this:  You need to go out and vote.  Tweeting #feelthebern does not count as a vote.  I’m sure most people know this, but I’ve seen a few extremely clueless people floating around the internet.  If you don’t know when your state votes or what you need to do to register, please look it up.