I really did not mean to keep taking so long between pages.  I think now that I have been away from Boston for so long and not doing street art, it’s making me lazy.  When I first moved up here, but I was still going into the city regularly to sell my street art, I still had that inspiration and a reason to be artistically productive.  Now that they’ve torn up my spot where I used to sell art and I can’t use it anymore, I’ve kind of lost my sense of direction.

I also just never got back to my old mentality of staying organized and trying to get the most out of every hour of the day like I did when I worked at Aetna — and it’s hard to hold down a job and still be artistically productive when you aren’t in that organized mindset.  I don’t really want to get back into that mode of pushing myself, though.  It was stressful.  Even with all the aches and pains from doing physical work, I still feel physically better now than I did when I was working at Aetna, just because I am not as stressed out and sleep-deprived.  The only problem is that now it takes me forever to get anything done.  Drawing new pages of Misguided Light is not the only thing I have been procrastinating on.